Elevate Your BBQ: 20 Smoker Accessories You Need

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What are the most important BBQ Smoker Accessories? well today we are diving into this topic. It's as essential as the smoking and grilling we all adore – the gear that makes it all possible. We’re talking about those indispensable BBQ and Smoker Accessories that elevate our game from good to grand. If you're like me, a fellow who enjoys the pleasures of a weekend BBQ, then you know the tools of the trade are your best buddies.

a Range of Smoker Accessories

Now, I’ve managed to collect my fair share of gadgets and gizmos. Some have turned out to be game changers, while others... well, let’s just say they’ve found a new home at the back of my shed. But through all the hits and misses, I’ve rounded up a solid list of gear that I wouldn’t want to fire up my smoker without.

So, if you’re looking to gear up for some serious grilling and smoking, or maybe you’ve got a BBQ enthusiast in your life who’s got a birthday coming up, this list is your golden ticket. We’re going to delve into 20 Must-Have BBQ and Smoker Accessories that’ll not only make your BBQ adventures easier but also more enjoyable. From ensuring your meat is cooked to perfection with reliable thermometers, to keeping your hands safe from the heat of the flames, these accessories are the essential additions to our BBQ endeavors.

So grab a cold one, settle in, and let’s gear up for a smoking good time!

Digital Thermometers:

In the BBQ world, the right temperature can make or break all your hard work. Digital thermometers are a game-changer, providing precise readings not only of the meat but also the ambient temperature inside your smoker. This dual functionality makes them a vital companion for anyone keen on mastering the art of BBQ. 

With a digital thermometer, you can ensure your smoker is at the optimal temperature while also keeping a close eye on your meat’s internal temp. Some even come with wireless features, letting you monitor temperatures remotely. It's this kind of assurance that takes your BBQ game from novice to memorable!

MEATER thermometers are widely recognized for their precision in temperature measurement, particularly valuable during the smoking process. These thermometers are wire-free, featuring dual sensors that monitor internal and ambient temperatures for perfect smoking results. The MEATER app enhances the cooking experience by providing guided instructions and cooking time estimates, making it easier to manage meal preparation. The device's design is both elegant and practical, with a stainless steel probe that's dishwasher safe and a wooden charger that also functions as a storage box. Ideal for both outdoor grilling and indoor cooking, MEATER is a top choice for cooks seeking reliable, hassle-free temperature monitoring.

Meater+ Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer, with a Ceramic Handle and Charging Base, for Precision Cooking Assistance.

Instant Read Thermometers:

Instant Read Thermometers are the unsung heroes in the high-stakes world of grilling and cooking. These compact devices pack a punch, offering speed and pinpoint accuracy that can mean the difference between a good meal and a great one. In the thick of grilling, when timing is crucial, an Instant Read Thermometer is your trusty sidekick, delivering exact temperature readings within seconds and banishing the uncertainty that too often accompanies cooking meat.

Just insert it into your preferred cut—be it a juicy steak, succulent pork chop, or tender chicken breast—and you'll have the precise temperature in a flash. It’s an indispensable tool for grilling aficionados, where swift cooking meets the demand for accuracy. The Pit Boss Digital Meat Thermometer represents the pinnacle of this technology, combining ease of use with the expert precision required for flawless grilling. Armed with this, every BBQ lover can grill with the confidence of a pro, ensuring their meat is seared, smoked, or roasted to absolute perfection.

Digital Thermometer

Charcoal Varieties:

When it comes to firing up your smoker or grill, the choice of charcoal is where we begin. It's not just about fuel; it's about flavor, heat, and the overall BBQ experience. As we dive into the heart of these accessories, understanding the various types of charcoal is crucial. 

Whether it's the consistent burn of Briquette Charcoal, the natural essence of Lump Charcoal, or the unique flavors brought by flavored charcoal, each type has its own benefits to help with your BBQ. Let’s break down the differences and help you find the perfect charcoal for your next BBQ.

Briquette Charcoal:
My personal choice, briquette charcoal is one of the most widely used types, known for its affordability, availability, and ease of use. It's made from a combination of powdered coal, binders, and fillers, compacted into uniform shapes. Briquettes burn at a consistent temperatures and they burn for a long time which is why I use them for my BBQ sessions.

Lump Charcoal:
Lump charcoal is another popular choice among BBQ enthusiasts. It's made from hardwood and tends to burn hotter and faster than briquettes. Lump charcoal is appreciated for its natural composition and the smoky flavor it imparts to the food. One issue I often have with hardwood charcoal is the amount of breakage there is. You can end up with ⅕ of the bag just been crumbs and dust.

Flavored Charcoal and Other Additives:
Some brands offer flavored charcoal or briquettes with aromatics or wood chips mixed into the charcoal itself to add different flavors to the BBQ. It's advised to be cautious with flavored charcoals or those with additives as they may not be suitable for all types of smoking or grilling. My advice is to generally steer clear.
Each type of charcoal has its own set of pros and cons, and the choice largely depends on personal preference, the specific grilling or smoking setup, and the desired flavor profile.


A shortcut to get that fire roaring – the Chimney. This simple holy cylinder is a hero when it comes to lighting charcoal efficiently and getting to the smoky goodness faster. Just load it up with your chosen charcoal, light it from the bottom, and in about 20-40 minutes, you have perfectly lit coals ready to heat up your smoker or grill. And the cherry on top? It ditches the need for lighter fluid, keeping your BBQ tasting as it should – pure and flavorful. A chimney is one of those accessories that once you use, you'll wonder how you ever managed without.

I personally use the side burner on my grill to light my chimney. It avoids the need for any extra chemicals from fire starters. But I have covered them below because I know lots of people still use them. If you need more info on lighting charcoals check out my blog on Charcoal Vertical Smokers.

Pit Boss Galvanized Steel Chimney Starter with a Black Handle, Designed for Efficient Charcoal Ignition for Barbecuing.

Fire Starters:

Fire starters can be a great help when it comes to getting the coals roaring. Place a couple at the bottom of your chimney then fill it with coals.

Opting for natural fire starters like fatwood is a smart choice. Derived from the heartwood of pine trees, fatwood is known for its excellent fire-starting capabilities due to its high concentration of resin. Unlike chemical fire starters, natural options like fatwood reduce exposure to toxins, making your BBQ session not only enjoyable but also healthier and more eco-friendly.

Heat Proof Gloves:

BBQ and smoking are hot businesses, literally! These gloves are designed to withstand the extreme temperatures of grilling and smoking, keeping your hands safe from the fiery heat. Whether you’re reaching into the grill to flip a steak, adjusting hot grates, or even pulling apart a freshly smoked pork shoulder, these gloves are a game-changer. 

They offer the protection you need while providing the dexterity to handle your BBQ tasks with ease. Among the lineup of accessories, Heat Proof Gloves are a non-negotiable. They ensure that the only thing you need to worry about is achieving that perfect sear or smoke, not nursing a nasty burn.

Pit Boss High-heat Resistant Bbq Gloves with Silicone Grip, Designed for Safe and Efficient Grilling.

Long BBQ Tongs:

Long BBQ Tongs are indispensable for any grilling aficionado, providing an extension of your own hand with added safety and precision. They're your go-to tool for expertly flipping burgers, rotating veggies, or adjusting logs in the fire. With their extended length, they keep you comfortably away from the flames and heat, while the improved control they offer ensures you're not sacrificing finesse for safety. 

Robust and reliable, long BBQ tongs give you the confidence to handle the heat of the grill, ensuring that every piece of food is cooked to perfection. Whether it's that thick steak or delicate fish fillet, these tongs have got you covered, proving that having the right tool is half the battle in mastering the art of BBQ.

Stainless Steel Traeger Tongs with Wooden Handles and Serrated Edges for a Secure Grip While Grilling.


This essential Smoker Accessory is your right-hand man when it comes to flipping, turning, and serving up your grilled delights. With a sturdy spatula, you have the leverage and control to handle anything from fall apart tender pork shoulder to a tender piece of fish. Its wide flat surface ensures your food stays intact as you maneuver it on the grill, while the long handle keeps you safely away from the heat.

Choose a spatula with a good grip, and you’ve got a trusty companion that’ll stand by you through countless BBQ adventures. It’s not just about BBQ; it’s about BBQ with the right tools by your side.

Grilla Grills Bbq Tool Set with Spatula, Fork, Tongs, and Basting Brush, All with Wood Handles, Organized in a Durable Canvas Case.

Large Cutting Board:

A Large Cutting Board is where all the prep happens, from trimming the fat to carving the cooked meats into shareable slices. This accessory provides ample space for you to work your BBQ masterpiece, whether you’re slicing up a brisket or dicing veggies for the grill. Made from materials like wood or plastic, a good cutting board also ensures a safe, stable surface, reducing the risk of accidents during your prep work. And when the grilling is done, it becomes your serving platter. It’s a simple tool, but one that’s central to your BBQ experience from start to finish.

Grilla Grills Solid Wood Cutting Board, Designed for Durability and Functionality, with Special Features for an Enhanced Food Preparation Experience.

Butcher Knives:

Having a set of reliable Butcher Knives is non-negotiable. These sharp companions are your go-to tools for slicing, dicing, and carving your way through the BBQ preparation process. Whether it’s trimming down a brisket, slicing sausages, or carving up a smoked turkey, a good butcher knife makes the task at hand a breeze.

I absolutely love my Kyoku Knives. They have never let me down. 

A quality knife not only speeds up your prep work but also ensures clean cuts, preserving the texture and appearance of your meat. Among the arsenal of accessories, a set of Butcher Knives is a wise investment for anyone in the BBQ game. Victorinox knives are my must have brand. They are affordable and last a lifetime. Just make sure you also purchase a whetstone so you can keep that blade in top-notch shape.

Cooling Rack:

A multi-purpose accessory, cooling racks come in handy both before and after the BBQ. Whether you're dry brining a Boston butt or letting your brisket meld with its rub, a cooling rack is essential for allowing air to circulate all around the meat. I find myself reaching for the cooling rack mostly during the preparation phase, but it's also invaluable post-BBQ. When it's time for that BBQ to rest, setting it up on a cooling rack helps keep that brisket bark perfectly crisp.

Bear Claws:

Now, who wouldn’t want to feel like a BBQ beast while shredding through a smoky, tender pork shoulder? That’s exactly the kind of primal satisfaction Bear Claws bring to the table. These sharp, rugged claws are your go-to tool for pulling, shredding, lifting, or carving meats. Bear Claws will shred through pulled pork like butter, creating those perfect pulled pork strands we all crave. These claws are a testament to the fact that in the world of accessories, sometimes the simplest tools bring the most joy.

Meat Injector:

Ever wonder how BBQ pros get every bite of their meat bursting with flavor? Here’s the secret – a Meat Injector. This handy gadget lets you infuse your meats with a flavor punch that marinades can't compete with. It’s all about getting that juicy goodness deep the meat. Whether it’s a savory broth, a spicy marinade, or melted butter, a Meat Injector delivers it right where you want it. Just load it up, plunge it in, and let the flavor do its thing. One of those smoker accessories that many overlook.

Basting Brush:

Let’s talk about keeping things juicy. When you’re sweating by the grill, flipping and turning, a Basting Brush is what you need to keep your meats moist and flavorful. It’s all about that baste! Whether it’s a garlicky butter, a spicy mop sauce, or a sweet BBQ glaze, a good basting brush spreads that liquid gold evenly over your meats, locking in moisture and adding layers of flavor. It’s a simple tool, but boy does it make a difference! The long handle keeps your hand away from the heat, while the soft bristles ensure your BBQ sauce hugs every nook and cranny of your meat.

BBQ Spray Bottle:

In the heat of the BBQ battle, a BBQ Spray Bottle is your trusty sidekick to keep things moist and flavorful. A quick spritz here and there with some apple cider vinegar or a flavorful mop sauce, and you're not just smoking; you're creating a masterpiece. This nifty bottle lets you shower your meats with moisture, keeping them from drying out as they kiss the flames. It's all about that mist of moisture that makes every bite tender and juicy.

Food Handling Gloves:

When it comes to BBQ, getting hands-on is part of the fun, but let’s keep it clean and safe with some Food Handling Gloves. These gloves are your barrier against the messy and sometimes sticky world of BBQ. Whether you’re rubbing a brisket with your secret spice mix or pulling apart a tender boston butt, these gloves keep things sanitary while letting you get up close and personal with your meat. They’re a one-time use wonder, making cleanup a breeze—just toss them when you’re done.

Rib Rack:

A Rib Rack is your ticket to maximizing space in your smoker, especially when you've got a crowd to feed. It holds the ribs upright, allowing for even smoke and heat distribution, which means you get that perfect smoky flavor all around. It’s not just about fitting more ribs into the smoker; it’s about ensuring every rib gets the love it needs to reach BBQ perfection. A Rib Rack is one of those Smoker Accessories that makes you wonder how you ever grilled without one.

Grill Basket:

A Grill Basket is a staple when you're looking to cook up a variety of foods on the BBQ. It provides an additional layer of space, making it a breeze to grill veggies, seafood, or even some juicy burgers alongside your main smoke. It’s all about getting that real estate on the grill to cook up a feast, and a sturdy Grill Basket is your go-to accessory for that.

Grill Cleaner:

Keeping your grill clean isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about ensuring each BBQ session is as flavorful and safe as the last. A Grill Cleaner is what you need to scrape off the stubborn grime and burnt bits that linger post-BBQ. When it comes to stainless steel grills, opting for a brass-bristle brush or a nylon-bristle brush is a smart choice to prevent scratching. It’s a simple tool but essential for maintaining your grill in tip-top shape for the long haul.

Aluminum Foil or 

Butchers Paper

In the BBQ world, the debate between Aluminum Foil vs Butchers Paper is all about locking in moisture and achieving that perfect bark. Aluminum Foil, is great for retaining moisture, especially when cooking pork ribs or shoulder. It’s also a time-saver, cutting down the cooking time helping to push through that stall.

On the other hand, Butchers Paper lets your meats breathe a bit, often chosen for beef brisket or ribs where a solid bark and smoke flavor are desired. It helps maintain a good bark while letting some smoke flavor through. Both have their place in the BBQ setup, and having them on hand gives you the flexibility to choose based on your meat type, time constraints, and flavor preferences.

And there you have it—the 20 Must-Have BBQ and Smoker Accessories to kick your BBQ game up a notch. Each of these accessories plays a crucial role in either the preparation, the cooking, or the post-BBQ cleanup. Investing in the right tools not only makes your BBQ sessions more enjoyable but also ensures you get the best flavors and textures out of your meats. Amazon has a great range of different accessories check them out here. So, stock up on these Smoker Accessories, fire up your grill, and let the BBQ magic happen. Happy grilling!

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